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wall_pack_graphWall pack lighting has been the standard for use in security lighting for many years. These light fixtures have great light output making it one of the best choices for security and safety issues. Although they can be used indoors and outdoors and on commercial or residential properties, they are mostly utilized on exterior walls of commercial buildings.

New technologies have made possible for new and more efficient light fixtures to create attractive options for reducing costs without compromising security lighting.

As a general rule, fixtures that produce a lower level of heat usually require less maintenance and have a longer life. That is due to the thermal stress caused by the heat generated. Another association we can make with the amount of heat produced is that the lower the level generated the higher the efficiency of the fixture.  In other words, the less power converted to heat by the fixture the more efficient is the conversion of power to light.

The most common types of wall pack light fixtures in the market are:

  • Metal Halide: gives out a high amount of illumination in a white light. This combination makes it great for security purposes. The white light helps video surveillance cameras to differentiate between colors and its high output increases the sense of security. Today they are available energy efficient models. Metal Halide fixtures produce a moderate amount of heat.
  • CFL – Compact Fluorescent Lighting: produces bright white light making it also a great option for areas with CCTV security cameras. It generates a minimal level of heat making it a great option for low maintenance, long lasting fixtures. It is great on energy efficiency and excellent color rendition.
  • HPS – High Pressure Sodium: usually used as a flood light for large areas as parking lots, fields  and walkways due to its powerful light. They provide a golden white color and come in many configurations.
  • LED – Light Emitting Diode:  They are extremely durable and long lasting. As with any LED array, these have an instant-on capability and offers great saving in energy costs. The high illumination of these lamps makes it possible to use as security and building lighting. Led flood lights are relatively new.
  • Induction: This type of lighting technology is rapidly becoming a popular option for wall pack lights. Among its long list of advantages are the great lifespan, the stable output, high efficiency, low maintenance, and savings in electricity costs. Because induction lights have a great tolerance to environmental conditions they are excellent to use where harsh weather condition is a concern. Like the CFL it also produces a low amount of heat.